Indaba Rods


Indaba {in-dah-ba} is a Zulu term meaning business or matter, more recently it is a word often used to describe a conference or gathering of people. This is the principle behind the brand, we want our brand to speak for itself and to be a discussion point amongst anglers.

Indaba Rods are not factory builds, each rod is hand built with attention and care given to all stages of the build process.

The Indaba range, where we drew our inspiration for the names of the rods from the names of Zulu and Xhosa weapons, are built using top quality Harrison Advanced Rods blanks, our custom build option however gives you the added flexibility of selecting the blank of your choice.

Whether you chose to go with a complete custom build or one of our pre built rods each and everyone has the same outstanding build quality.

On all of our rods we do offer a degree of customization, from having the rod personalised with a woven name to selecting the brand of rod eyes you would like used. For the true custom experience we recommend an initial consultation to asses your requirements and to ensure you get a rod truly built for you.


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